Saturday, May 7, 2011

Poiple Plat!

So I'd been super busy this past month and surprisingly enough, the Spontaneous I had painted last month lasted the whole time, other than the new nail growing in had no polish on it. But finally got a chance to sit down and release my stress by painting my nails! :)

I had ordered some new colors and was so excited to finally be able to try some out. One of them that I'd ordered is a purple with little blue, pink and purple glitter specks in it. you have to look really close to even notice them, but they're definitely there! So i decided to do a mani using my new purple.

To start I used Seche Clear for my base. Then I did two coats of China Glaze White on White because the colors usually turn out better with a base of white, plus you don't have to put on seven layers of the color to get it to look like the bottle does. (especially when they're so thin!) Then I did two coats of my new purple, China Glaze Flying Dragon (Neon). I was a little bummed that the glitter specks didn't show as much on the nail as they do in the bottle. Then I took my Konad Stamper and used a design on m64 using China Glaze Platinum Silver for my design. After stamping all my nails, I used SV as my top coat. 

Platinum Purple

I really liked the way this mani turned out. And when the sun hits the Silver, I definitely SHINE! ;)

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